The Magic of Creating Space


They say that your environment is a reflection of you and I couldn’t agree more!

Think about the spaces you have where you spend the most time - your home, your work area and your car. Now think about how they make you feel when you’re there. My spaces used to make me feel constricted and stressed out. They were cluttered, unorganised and busy - a direct expression of my emotional and spiritual state at the time. This was my norm!

It wasn’t until I started organising and decluttering my physical space that I began to experience significant changes in all areas of my life. It happened so organically that it wasn’t until I reflected on my new life months down the track that I realised just how magical creating space was.

Here are the benefits to creating space, one of the biggest impacts on my life:



Live from a state of ease and grace:

The Universal Law of Attraction shows us that everything vibrates at it’s own frequency. Items of a similar frequency are drawn together like magnets and items of the opposite frequency repel against one another.  

You may be vibrating at your highest frequency yet, ready to attract all of the good things into your life, but the universe can’t deliver it to you when your world is screaming ‘No, stop! There’s no space for this here!’

Creating space is a big key when it comes to manifesting your dream life. If you make space in your life you will no longer have to resist and push. Instead you will naturally fall into a state of ease and grace, being able to invite that good stuff in consciously and subconsciously.



DE clutter your life, DE clutter your mind:

Getting rid of the clutter in our lives leads to emptying your mental clutter. It allows you to let go of those negative feelings such as stress, worry and insecurities letting you settle into a calmer life.



The freedom that comes with creating space:

Imagine spending your free time with the people you love, doing more of the things you love or spending quality time with yourself, having the freedom to create new passions or finish those creative projects that you previously never had the time for. 

One of the amazing benefits of creating space in your life is time. Not only will you have more of it, you will also value your time so much more, becoming more conscious of who and what you are giving your time to. 



Letting go of what no longer serves you:

Knowing what doesn’t bring you happiness allows you to get really clear on what no longer serves you. With this knowledge it becomes much easier to let go of the things that aren’t bringing you joy, making space for the things that do. For example, you may find that you no longer enjoy your job and now feel ready for a career change. You may stop going out on Friday nights so that you can finally start writing that book you’ve been putting off. You may pick up a second job to help you save for an overseas holiday, because you now know that travel is a big value in your life.



Better understand you:

Having all of that extra time and less day to day stress means having more space to deepen your connection with your intuition. Having a strong connection with your intuition may mean that you have an increased self-awareness, a deeper trust in yourself, more clarity and feeling empowered in your life. You will easily be able to distinguish the difference between your gut feeling (intuition) and inner-critic thoughts (ego), making it easier to make decisions based off of love instead of fear and worry. You will have strong boundaries, being able to say no to things that don’t sit well with you or light you up and you’ll be well on the way to living in alignment with your truth.



Creating meaningful relationships:

Trade surface level friendships for empowering and nourishing ones or deepen existing relationships. Having space in your life allows you to get really clear on what is and isn’t important for you when it comes to your relationships.



Fill your life with things you love:

When you create space in your life you get really good at knowing what is and isn’t bringing you joy. Once you’ve mastered this you will find that you will be so in tune with your happiness that your choices will organically start to reflect this. You will focus more on doing the things you love, you will spend more time with people that light you up and your home will turn into a sanctuary, filled with things that make you happy.  You will choose joy and no longer simply settle.


As you can see the transformations to creating space in your life are endless!

Keep your eyes peeled for my next post, ‘8 Steps for Creating Space in Your Life’ where I dive head first into the methods I used to turn my life from chaos and overwhelm to alignment and harmony.

I know you are going to get so much juiciness from my next post.