The Art of Receiving This Valentines Day


With Valentines Day tomorrow, I wanted to talk about the importance of gracefully receiving. I believe this is important for all women and will serve as an honest reminder, especially for those who celebrate Valentines Day.

This is something that I used to struggle with myself and I see other women struggling with it too. It’s particularly apparent around this time of year, when women are given gifts from their significant other and loved ones. I say given because receiving doesn’t quite explain what happens here. In fact I notice women do the opposite of receive - they deflect!

For example, when receiving a surprise gift a lot of the dialogue I have witnessed has been something like:

“I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this.” 

Now this dialog, whether it’s said out loud or is said internally, is damaging for two reasons;


It makes the gift giver feel rejected.

Think about when you’ve given a gift to someone. What’s most likely made you feel good about doing that has been the gratitude you’ve received from that person. 
Now imagine them saying, “You’re so silly! You shouldn’t have! I don’t deserve it.’

I think you can agree that it would feel much better to receive a heartfelt but simple thank you with a smile.


When you deflect instead of receiving you are actually diminishing your own worthiness.
This one is the MOST damaging of them both. Every time you reject instead of receive you are telling yourself that you’re not worthy.
If you don’t think you are worthy or you act like you are unworthy, then guess what? Other people are going to pick up on that vibration, and they will follow suit, treating you like you aren’t worthy.

This creates a huge spiral effect.

Fear not beautiful one, I’m going to share with you the practice that I use daily.

Before I go into it, I just want to say that the art of receiving doesn’t just count for gifts. This can also count for compliments, acts of kindness, favours and help from others.

So when you receive something (whether it’s a complement, gift or any type of kindness) I want you to do this practice:

  • Take a quick moment to feel into your heart center.

  • Allow this gift of kindness to land there; receive it in your heart.

  • Dial up your positive self talk and feel deep gratitude.
    For example: “Wow- that’s so kind of them to give me this/do this for me/help me. I will gratefully & lovingly receive this because I deserve it.”

  • Finally, thank them and allow them to feel your gratitude.

How does that sound to you?

Practice this as much as you can. If you slip up and revert to old thought patterns, that’s o.k. I slipped up over 100 times when I began this practice! The best thing you can do is be aware and keep tying.

Own your worthiness. Receive with grace and an open heart. You deserve it, Beautiful!



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