8 Steps for Creating Space in Your Life

When we let go of what no longer serves us, we are free to focus on the things that matter.

In today’s busy times we are constantly bombarded with noise and information. It’s no wonder that most of the western population is living a life filled with chaos, stress and overwhelm. Coming from a life of chaos myself, I know how hard it is to break the pattern. But I can confidently assure you that it can be done. I know this because I have spent the last six years practising and perfecting the methods and tools that I’m about to share with you. 

Since creating space in my life I have changed careers, turned my hobby of health and wellness into a business, gotten out of a toxic relationship, entered a new supportive and fulfilling relationship, consciously stepped away from friendships that were no longer aligned with me, strengthened the relationships that are, overcome my anxiety and depression, created a home that makes me feel calm and relaxed, discovered my spirituality, honed in on my core values, created more freedom in my life and much, much more! It’s safe to say that creating space is pretty powerful stuff. 

Now let’s get into the strategies I used to completely turn my life around.


I found that when I reduced the amount of items I owned I was able to create a home that was more like a sanctuary to me. Previously my home was cluttered, busy and stressful. I couldn’t relax and found I spent most of my time tidying. I didn’t realise it at the time but I was feeling trapped by my belongings. I didn’t have any space for my creativity or for myself. 

Once I began making space in my home I started to reflect on how I wanted to feel while I was at home. I found that it was really important for me to have a home that felt spacious, inviting and relaxing. I wanted a home that was low maintenance. Decluttering and minimalizing allowed everything in my home to have a place, taking less time to tidy and giving me more time to focus on my business, my creative projects and myself. Now my home is filled with things that I absolutely adore and I’m not wasting my time maintaining items that take up space and time. 

EXERCISE: Write down how you want to feel in your home. If there are a few rooms that are a big concern for you then write about those rooms individually. Once you have done this spend some time visualising how your home and those rooms would look if you were to feel those things in them. While visualising you may see more plants and less clutter. This will help you stay on track when you begin to create a home based on how you want to feel when you are there.



Not only was my physical space overwhelming me but my digital life was becoming a huge stress too. Social media was my biggest concern. My morning scroll became filled with negativity and other people’s thoughts and feelings. I felt compelled to follow people from my past even though they weren’t someone that I would actually spend time with today. 

To declutter my digital life I focused on removing and unfollowing accounts on social media that weren’t aligned with me. I cleaned up my computer files, deleted old emails, unsubscribed from junk mail and invested in a hard drive to keep my files organised. Now my computer runs faster and is much easier to navigate. 



When I became more mindful of my relationships, I became conscious of how they made me feel and what they brought out in me. I discovered that my partnership and a lot of my friendships were quite toxic. Because I was able to consciously step away from them, I made more room for the relationships that were important to me. I had space to manifest my fiance and I was able to set healthy boundaries in my relationships that didn’t exist before. I stopped stretching myself thin and was able to fully show up in my relationships. 

EXERCISE: Write down five people you spend the most time with. After some reflection note down how they make you feel about yourself, how they make you feel about life, and how they show up for you. Awareness is key here!



Something I still struggle with is declining an invitation when I am not feeling up for it or when it isn’t aligned with me. However, I know that when I am able to do this, I free up my time for things that bring me joy. I also don’t deplete my energy by forcing myself to be somewhere that I don’t want to be. This is really important for your energetic vibration. 

EXERCISE: Practice saying no instead of forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do to please others. You can lovingly say, ‘Thank you for the invitation, but no thank you.’



I don’t know what took me so long to use my digital calendar! It’s truly something I can’t live without. Since using it I have avoided overbooking and double booking myself, I have increased my productivity and decreased stress by clearing my head of to-do lists and appointment times.  

I love that I can colour code appointments and share it with loved ones so that they know where I will be or when I’m free.



When I’m at home I need to be able to wind down and de-stress. This is very difficult to do when my phone and iPad are constantly buzzing with notifications. When I detox from technology for a few days I really notice how clear my head becomes and how much extra time I have to do the things I love. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media to pass the time I become more present, more engaged and a happier person.



When I start to feel overwhelmed one of the first things I do is change my environment by getting outdoors. It's such a great way to increase creativity and get some downtime for your mind. I try to get out in nature daily, even if it’s just to eat my lunch on the grass.



When I began to create space in my life I envisioned how I wanted to feel everyday in my everyday life. I came up with energised, inspired and calm. Getting clear on how I wanted to feel throughout my day-to-day life helped me to make decisions that were more aligned to those feelings. I found that the more I embodied those feelings throughout the day, the quicker I began living a life that I’d previously only day dreamed about. 


So, there you have it. These strategies have been the catalyst in me creating the life of my dreams. I’m certain that if you implement these strategies in your own life you too will be well on the way to creating yours. You’re so ready to clear out what doesn’t serve you anymore.