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Hey, soul-searcher!

Welcome to the home of self-love.

Dab some lemon essential oil on your wrists, grab a cup of cacao and join me in my digital sanctuary.



I’m Jess. Wanderer, empath, recovering people pleaser and an intuitive coach and mentor devoted to guiding you on the path to reconnecting with your soul and becoming a high-vibing magnet for greater balance, alignment, peace, harmony and magic.

Which, you know, is even harder than it sounds. #modernlife

I get it, beautiful. I get it because I’ve lived it.

Like you, I used to feel lost, disillusioned, confused and tense.

I made poor decisions for myself, because I allowed my self-loathing, self-criticism and perfectionism to choose my path for me.

I hated my job and was involved in negative and unfulfilling relationships that drained my confidence and self-worth. I felt like I was in a pit of quicksand, sinking deeper and deeper into my depression and anxiety, to the point where I couldn’t stand to be alone with my thoughts.

Then I found the book, “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. Suddenly, I could see the forest for the trees and I understood that by cultivating self-love practices that supported and enlightened my spiritual journey, I could become an active creator of my life.

In such a natural and authentic way, things started to shift. It was almost like gravity, magnetically pulling me into a different way of being.

Within six months, I’d freed myself from a negative romantic relationship, moved to a beach side unit by myself, become a flight attendant (a beautiful channel for my wanderlust and something I’d only ever dreamt of doing!), said goodbye to friendships that were no longer serving me, and strengthened the ones that were.

Best of all, I discovered my true life purpose:

To help women fearlessly rise and live life on their terms.


This online sanctuary is your safe space. Retreat here whenever you need to heal, recharge and feel re-inspired.

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Today, I help women just like you explore their souls and rediscover their innate divinity by mastering practical embodiment and self-love practices that unlock a life filled with abundance, peace and love.

My coaching style is gentle, nurturing, empowering and deeply rooted in channelling the beauty of nature to help you feel connected to Mother Earth and be at one with the universe.

Most of all, my coaching is a journey, helping you navigate your spiritual awakening with grace, confidence and love. 


Keep sipping your cacao and treat yourself to three of my latest blog posts.


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